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A History of Performance...

Users: Products are effective, convenient and safe.  Flexible product choices (solids or liquids)  permits customer solutions to be based on needs, not product line limitations.

Purchasing: Low cost provider that meets many goals - Green, Small Business, Supplier Diversity.

Supply Management: Less space needed for storage, transportation. Cleaners contain no harsh caustics and are not considered hazardous material, no special shipping/storage needed.   

Management/Sustainability Team:  Measurable reductions in environmental impact, plastic waste, energy, water use.

Native Green Takes Costs Out And Keeps Prices Low

   Tangible Benefits For...

Solids & Concentrated Liquid Products Reduce Shipping Cost


Paying for water to be shipped doesn't make sense.  Products that contain little or no water do.  For every gallon of water that is not shipped we save you $2 in cost.  There are additional savings in less packaging and reduced storage costs.  Everyone benefits from transportation savings; our costs are lower, prices are lower, and truck emissions are lower.

Consolidated Centralized Shipping Reduces Cost               


Buildings, staff and warehouses cost money. The more you have the more it costs. We have 2 centralized warehouses that make inventory management easy,  pallet optimization possible and provides consistent on-time delivery.  Centralization eliminates the distribution costs that normally would have to be recovered in the price.

Buying Direct from Native Green Reduces Cost  


Native Green sells direct to our customers in order to eliminate the cost associated with an independent sales company taking orders on our behalf.   As a manufacturer who is a certified small woman owned business, we directly qualify for set-aside procurement opportunities.

As a provider of cleaners to the US Armed Forces, our products have been used successfully in some very tough environments.  From oily bilges to grimy barracks floors to carbonized pots and pans, our cleaners prove in every use that "green" doesn't mean weak.  Our solutions are field proven and perform as well or better than traditional products.  Each product is tested against the most popular competitive products to guarantee the claim of equivalent or better performance.  They also have the benefits of saving space, saving money, reducing plastic waste and being easier to transport and use.